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Well, I have started to print and clip coupons how do I read them?

What am I looking at? How do I read a coupon? You have printed and clipped coupons now you need to know how to read the coupons. It is very important that you know what you are reading on the coupon to ensure that you are using the coupons correctly.


Above is a picture numbered and below I have an explained each section of the coupon.

1. Shows if the coupon is a Manufacturer or a Store coupon. Manufacturer coupons are coupons that can be redeemed anywhere that coupons are accepted at. Store coupons are to only be used at the store that is listed on the coupon.

2. Expiration date shows that date that the coupon is valid through. You can use the coupon until midnight of the date of expiration. Normally the expiration date is shown at the top of the coupon.

3. The amount that you will save when you redeem the coupon.

4. Product description and quantity requirements for you to use the coupon.

5. In this section, you will find the redemption address and coupon limitations here. The redemption address is listed on manufacturer coupons only it is not listed on store coupons because they don’t have to send the coupons anywhere for reimbursement. You will also find the limitations here in this section one per purchase, one per transaction, one per customer or one per visit. One per purchase is the coupon limits you to one coupon per item you can buy three products, but you will need three coupons for the product to get the savings off each product. Then there is one per transaction is where the coupon may limit the number of coupons you can use in a transaction. Coupons have a limit of four coupons in a transaction you can buy five products but only use four coupons on the products. One per customer is where you can only use one coupon. If you have more than one coupon you will have to do multiple transactions to use the coupon. In some cases, depending on the store and the cashier you may have to leave the store and come back to make the purchase. One per visit is just the same as one per customer you are being restricted on your purchase to just one coupon per visit to the store.

6. This is the barcode that will be scanned when you make a purchase on a product to receive the discount.

7. The image shows the product or products that may be necessary for you see what product you can purchase with the coupon. Don’t always rely on the picture because the picture could be for the largest item and you could still use the coupon for the smaller item use the wording to determine what product to buy.

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Couponing, Saving Money

Where do I find the coupons at?


1. Newspapers: Every Sunday there are coupons that come out in the paper. You can pick up a Sunday newspaper from the Dollar Tree for just a dollar. Make sure if you go there you go early because people be lined up out there to get the newspaper and it’s a limit of three in my area.


2. Midweek Values: Are coupons that come in the mail weekly and have the coupons that will appear in the next Sundays paper.


3. Store Flyers: The store flyers are usually sitting right by the down when you come inside the store. Make sure you are looking out for the flyers coupons are in there as well and the expiration could be longer than just that week’s sale.


4. Printable Coupons: These are the website that you go on and the print your coupons off. These are the ones that I currently use there are several others that are available.


5. eCoupons: Are coupons that you can load directly onto your store card. These are sites that you may already be using but are not familiar with all the services that are offered. (Digital brandSaver Coupons)

6. Organic Coupons: Organic coupons are either mailed or can be loaded to your store card. Earthbound Farm, Seventh Generation, Morning Star Farms Newman’s Own Organic, Back to Nature Food and etc

7. All You Magazine: $150+ worth of coupons come out in this magazine each month. They are sold at Walmart or you can get a subscription to the magazine.


8. Blinkies: Are in the grocery stores and they are in the aisle with the red blinking light that hands out the coupons.IMG_0758

9. Catalina Coupons: Are those extra strips of paper that you get with your receipt when making a purchase those are Catalina coupons and can be very valuable.


10. Peelies: Everyone has seen a peelie they are the sticking to a product that you may purchase.


11. Store websites: Always check the store websites and see if they are offering anything on their site that you may be able to download or print off for in-store use.

12. Store App: Can download the app or either login from your computer and add the digital coupons to your account.

13. Companies will send you coupons if email them or write them a letter expressing interest in trying their products.

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Couponing, Saving Money

So now your wondering how do I get started?

I’m glad you asked let me explain to you the process. To begin you would need to obtain a Free membership from all your local drug stores and grocery store. This can be done either in the store or online at the stores website. For those of you who don’t know I’m referring to the little keychain cards that the cashiers are always promoting. There is no additional charge it is absolutely Free. The process of saving money starts with taking advantage of the free membership cards. The store prices are often different for membership card holder’s verses non-card holders.  Some stores don’t offer a membership card by they have smart coupons. I know you’re thinking what is a smart coupon? Stores such as Family Dollar and Dollar General offer smart coupons you would have to create an account online with the store using your phone number. You would then login into the account and clip the smart coupons. Once you have clipped the smart coupons and you go to the store you would then enter your phone number at check out and whatever coupons you clipped will automatic come off your total at the register thereby reducing your out of pocket cost. img_0731.jpg

You can also download apps for the stores and have them on your phone. I personally shop at several different stores, but I don’t have all the apps on my phone. I only have the apps for the stores that I go to the most. It is very convenient to have them handy while in the store in case you need to check to see a coupon is on the app. If you don’t add them to your phone I suggest you download all the coupons to your card or either, make sure you are planning your couponing trips so they will already be added to your card upon arrival at the store.

If you are app savvy, there are some apps that can be downloaded to help you with this process. I have just listed the ones that I use and have been the most successful with using. There are several others that are out there for you to use.


1.  Ibotta: This app is used for cash back on items that you purchase you would select the items that you purchased. Then scan the barcode on the item and once it has been accepted you will scan the receipt on the app and it will process and give you cash back. The cash can only be cashed out when you reach $20 you can either get the cash or get a gift card to the different place. If you are an internet shopper you can also save money when you purchase items through the app it gives you cash back off the items that are being purchased. 



2.    Checkout51: This app is used for cash back on items that you purchase you would select the items that you purchased. Then you will scan the receipt on the app and it will process and give you cash back. The cash can only be cashed out when you reach $20. 


3. Provides you with coupons that can be printed off. You are allowed to print the coupon twice. You can also clip coupons to your account, but it must be done before your shopping trip in order to receive the cash back. You would then scan your receipt with your phone and a cash back rebate will be given to you that can be sent to your Paypal account.


4.    Flipp: Is app that provides you with the weekly flyer deals and coupons for the item. You can also add your reward cards to the app and click coupons here to use while shopping.

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Couponing, Saving Money

How much time will it take to coupon? Where do I find the time?



It has been my personal experience that I set aside a time frame to coupon. When choosing a time frame to coupon make sure it is when you are able to concentrate, focus and make sure there are no distractions. It won’t take you long when you are able to concentration on your couponing. I allow myself 2 hours a week for couponing. I grab the newspaper on Sunday and I go home and clip the coupons.


While clipping coupons, I organize them in my binder as I clip them.  Then I look for the sales for the week and write out my list and separate the coupons, so I can prepare for my shopping trip.  I always plan my trip so that I can go in the store and get the items that are on my list quickly. I do take my binder in the store just in case there is a unannounced sale that is going on and I need to check it out. But for the most part if it’s not on my list I don’t purchase it unless it is a really good deal that I see. I make time to go shopping early morning or late night when there is little to no people in the store. When I shop I find it easy to get in and out the store with no problems at those specific times. I suggest as a beginner to try all different times until you find which time frame works best for you.


Remember when you are allotting time to couponing think of it as the equivalent of how much you are making per hour with what you are saving. So, for example I planned my shopping trip and went shopping for 2 hours today and I saved $85.39 with a total of 99% savings value. So therefore, I look at as a job and I made $42.69 per hour.


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Couponing, Saving Money

Do you need to save money? Are you looking to keep extra money in your pocket?


If you answered “Yes” to any one of those questions you are in the right place.  Now during these hard economic times, it is the time perfect for you to learn to save money. Learning to coupon will help you to save money. Saving money can include anything from saving money on filling up your car with gas, buying groceries, eating out, or even on the latest fashion. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming that you have more bills than money but after learning to coupon you can expect an overflow of extra cash.   Let’s start saving money with Couponing 1 on 1.

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Couponing, Saving Money

First Blog Post

This is my very first post on my blog. I am super excited about starting a blog. This is something that I have always wanted to do but never had the courage or confidence in myself to do so. But this time when I thought about it, it was no doubt in my mind that my niche is couponing. I love couponing it is so therapeutic for me. I coupon because I love to save money, I help my family out, I donate and do a lot of giveaways with the items.


Over the years I have come to the conclusion why pay full price when you can get it for a few cents or even free. I have a list of items that I will never pay anything for such as toothpaste, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, Kleenex, hand soap, deodorant and shaving cream. If I’m able to get the item for free one time then I will make sure that every time after that purchase I will ensure that I only get it when its free.


On a daily basis I find myself always helping people learn to coupon, supplying them with coupons even doing one on one shopping trips and also coming up with the best deals for people to do.  I enjoy helping people out because I want to see everyone saving money. I like to see peoples reaction after there first couponing trip and they see what they have saved. Seeing those reactions and hearing about those successful couponing trips warms my heart and keep me motivated to help others learn the process.

I motivate people to get into couponing because I know what it has done for me. I’m able to share my experiences whether its good or bad with learning to coupon.

Just this past year I saved a lot of money and I was able to go on vacation twice and had plenty of spending money while on vacation.  I was also able to save on my trip as well. So for this year I look forward to adding in a third vacation with all my savings. Couponing and saving money has me living like I’m rich.


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