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How to earn balance rewards points?
To begin to make sure you have your balance rewards card scanned at the register, or let the cashier look up your account with your telephone number. If ordering offline log into your balance rewards account and select items and place order. When placing an order online you can still earn balance rewards points on your purchase.

  • Prescriptions:
    If you refill prescriptions at Walgreens, you can earn points. If you refill a prescription for 30 days, you will earn 100 points. If you refill a prescription for a 90-day supply, you will earn 300 points. Walgreens also offers 100 points per immunization. This offer is only valid for prescriptions that are picked up in-store are eligible to earn points.
  • Healthy Choices:
    Healthy Choices are also offered to gain points. Healthy Choices are when you log your exercise daily, weigh-ins, blood pressure, glucose readings, nicotine replacement therapy use and tracking sleep. Your healthy activity can also be sent automatically if you sync select health and fitness devices and apps. visit
  • Beauty Enthusiast:
    Sign up for Beauty Enthusiast Program to earn points 5000 points for every $50 that you spend on beauty. What has considered Beauty is cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care, fragrances and grooming products will count toward beauty. You don’t have to spend $50 in on trip is tracked based off all your trips until you reach $50 and then it starts with the tracking.

Bonus Points
Points are earned on all items purchased when using your rewards card. There are bonus points awarded on some purchases, that you will find noted in the ads weekly.

Here are some common general FAQs about the points system at Walgreens: Points are earned on all items purchased in a transaction. Points are rewarded on a total purchase after coupons all rewards programs work this way. If you make a purchase of $25 in products and have $8 in coupons, you will get points only on $17.

  • Points are earned on all items that are purchased in a transaction.
  • Points are rewarded on total purchases after store coupons have been applied. This is how all rewards programs work. If you purchase $20 in products and have $5 in Walgreen’s coupons, you will get points only on $15 that is spent out of pocket.
  • Points are rewarded on a total purchase before manufacturer’s coupons. If you purchase $20 in products and have $1 in manufacturer’s coupons, your total would be $19, but you will still earn points on your $20 purchase.
  • To earn points, the purchase must be made in a single transaction. The totals do not add up from several different receipts. You will find your points listed on both receipt.
  • Points are not rounded up, they are in fact rounded down. If you spend $3.99, you will get only 30 points added to your account. So, if you are looking for points, you might find small items to take you over your next dollar threshold so that you get the points you may be looking for.
  • Some items offer bonus points. When you make some purchases, you will earn bonus points. If your item is $15 and you get 10x points, you will end up with 150 points on your account instead. Adversely, if the item is $0.99 and you get 10x points, the total points will have credited to your account will be 9 (as your total is $9.99 and points round down).
  • Points are redeemed for discounts. Points can be redeemed once you reach 5,000 points. You will have the option to use them with your purchase are allow them to accrue for a bigger discount. You can save points up to $50.


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Lets Start Saving Money A Walgreens

Shopping at Walgreens you will want to be familiar with their Register Reward program as well as the Balance Rewards program that they offer and also know the coupon policy.

Balance Rewards Program
At Walgreens, you would need to make sure you are signed up for there card. You can sign up in-store or online for the card. When you are in store after signing up you can either use the card for them to scan it or type in your phone number. With the card or the phone number, you will be able to get the items for the sales price.


Earning Points                                                                                                                              Each week Walgreens offer points for a select item in the weekly ads. The products will vary from week to week. They also offer some points on items that run monthly you will find them listed in the stores on the signs.

Redeeming Points
When making a purchase you can redeem points if you would like or you can save your point. If you decide to save your points then you will accumulate more points so that when you redeem them it will be more points. 1,000 points are equal to $1.00  until you reach 18,000 points. Once you reach 18,000 points the value will increase so it would be equal to $20. If you are redeeming 5,000 points then that’s redeeming $5.00. You can not redeem points and receive points in the same transaction.

For example, if you spend $30 and you will receive 10,000 points back it is not a good an idea to use points to pay if you want to receive the 10,000 points. But you can also redeem points on a transaction where you will earn Register Reward Points it will not impact your Register Rewards and vice versa.


Manufacturer’s coupons will not impact you earning points. So for example, if an offer is to spend $15 and earn 3,000 points on any Old Spice purchase you will need to hit the $15 before manufacturer’s coupons. Walgreens coupons, however, do impact your amount. So you would need to reach $15 BEFORE manufacturer’s coupons but AFTER Walgreens coupons. This also applies to all the special bonus offers like earn $5 in points when you spend $25 in store. 

Cashback apps like Checkout 51, SavingStar, and Ibotta can also be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s coupons, Walgreens coupons, and Walgreens Balance Rewards deals.

Register Reward
The register reward deals will vary from week to week while others can last only for a few days and then there are other deals that last for an entire month. 

  • How long are Register Rewards valid?
    Register Rewards vary they can be for a week or up to two weeks. That is why I plan my shopping trips and roll the register rewards over into another transaction. I normally take my Register Rewards from one transaction and use them in another transaction that gives me back Register Rewards.
  • Can I use a Register Reward I received from one item to buy another of the same item?
    You can but another Register Reward will not print. Remember you can use a Register Reward and Walgreens Coupon on the same item in one transaction.
  • What are fillers?
    Fillers are inexpensive items that you buy so you can use more Register Rewards to meet the limit on the register rewards or to satisfy the spend $25 to get the bonus points.  So if I have several items that I am buying and you want to use manufacturer coupons for the items you will need to pick up a few filler items to make sure you reach the limit.

Walgreens Coupon Book


Walgreens has its own coupon books called the Monthly Savings Book and sometimes they also have pharmacy coupon books. They work very similar to the in-ad coupons. There are restrictions on the number of items that can be purchased with the coupon, but if you split the purchases up into different transactions, go on a different day, or go to a different Walgreens store you can use them multiple times.

Be sure to check out the link for the Walgreens Deals . I will update it each week with the top deals to do. Where you will spend no more than $10 out of pocket. 
Those are the ways to coupon and save at Walgreens.  If you have questions or comments please leave them below.





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How to coupon at Harris Teeter?


Harris Teeter is a good grocery store to shop at when they are offering deals. In my option is not your everyday shopping. If I have to pick up something quick I go to Wal Mart or somewhere else. I only make purchases at Harris Teeter if there is a sale and I have a coupon for each item. Harris Teeter runs Super Doubles which is a popular sale that takes place every four to six weeks. 

What is Super Doubles? I’m happy you asked Super Doubles is a sale that is offered every four to six weeks at Harris Teeter. Each coupon that you use up to $2.00 will double or will total the price of the item. For example, $2.00 coupon will double to $4.00 off, $1.50 coupon will double to $3 off and $1.00 coupon will double to $2 off, and ETC.

How many coupons will double? A great question only 20 coupons will double per day. Only three like coupons will double per transaction. You could not go to another Harris Teeter and use 20 more coupons because it is linked to your VIC card. At the both of your receipt it will show the number of double coupons used. 


When does the sale start? The sale for Super Doubles will start at 7 am so if the store is open 24 hours you can go to the store early and get your items but remember you can’t check out until 7 am. A 24-hour store normally restarts the coupon limits between 2 am and 4 am. 

Can I use e-coupons and manufacturer coupons in the same transaction?  Yes, you can use both e-coupons and manufacturer coupons. Using both coupons is the way that you will benefit and get the better deal. 

If a coupon says DO NOT DOUBLE what happens? Most stores do not double the coupon if it says DO NOT DOUBLE. You may get a cashier that is not reading the coupon and will double the coupon even if it says don’t double. But don’t always count on that cause it don’t always work that way. 


What if the item is not in stock? Get a Raincheck. Rainchecks are highly recommended because the Super Doubles is a very popular sale and if the store doesn’t have it in stock at the time you will ask for a raincheck and go back and get the item at a later date when it is in stock. You can also use a raincheck during Super Doubles. 

How do I get the BEST deals? In order to get the best deals, you need to make sure you are prepared. Make sure you plan ahead of time so that you can get the best possible deals. Make sure have loaded e-coupons and you are using the cash back apps as well. Make sure you become familiar with coupon policy for  Harris Teeter. 


Do you have any questions about Super Doubles? Leave any questions or comments below.






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Your First Shopping Trip. Ready to GO SHOPPING?

I hope you answered YES. The wait is finally over.  I will break down the five steps to get you started on your first shopping trip

1. Determine what grocery stores are in your area to shop at.

Here we have several different grocery stores to choose from Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Kroger, Just Save, Charlie C’s and etc. Remember if the store everyday prices are extremely lower then their sales are normal the greatest. They rely on their daily sales to entice their customers. But on the other hand, if the store has higher prices they use their sales to entice their shoppers but you will also end up buying items that aren’t on sale during this time cause the prices of other items are much lower. 

You can use the store website, the sales paper or even a app to help you make your list.  
Here are my recommendations on coupon matchup sites:

Dellys Deals

Kroger Krazy 

Moola Saving Mom

Coupon Mom

I Heart Publix

Southern Savers

If you are looking for a specific store you would just google the store name with coupon matchups and something will definitely pop up.  After you find the store matchups you can bookmark it and go back and reference the site. If you are needing help with Coupon Lingo refer back to the blog post Coupon Lingo.

2. Look for the current deals for this week on the coupon matchup site that you have to choose.

Now that you have decided on a site and what store you want to shop at look at the website and click on this week’s ad and browse to see what you would like to buy. 

  • Make sure you are reading everything and taking notes:
  • Check the total price after the coupons.
  • Look to see if its a great deal compared to another store that it may be on sale at?
  • What items do my family and I need or want?
  • Do it require a coupon from the newspaper inserts?
  • Do it require a printable coupon?
  • Are there links to the printable coupon in the deals?

Continue to do this if you are going to more than one store in your area. You can always consider which store to go to based off of which store that has more items that you want to purchase. Using the coupon matchup site will save you a lot of time so make sure you are utilizing this tool.

3. Make your list.
Now, your going to make a list for the one store of your choice. Pick the top 3 items on your list for the store that you choose.  Remember you are just getting started so you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. We are going to take small steps with learning how to use coupons.

Eventually, it will get easy to compile a list of 20 items with 30 coupons. We are going to start small then move big. Depending on what coupon match up a site you use you can check the boxes and print the list out or you can write it out. When writing out your list make sure you include the exact name of the product along with the size of the product, the sale price and what coupon you are using. 

When choosing the items you want to purchase make sure they fit the following criteria. 

  • After coupons, it is over 60% savings from the regular price.
  • If it is a printable coupon that is required it is still available at this time. 
  • That the item is something that you use in your household.

This is only the beginning and unless you have been collecting newspaper inserts for a long period of time you won’t have a huge supply of coupons. Which is okay but in the weeks to come you will come across more coupons you should have at least one computer to print coupons for. Refer to Where do I find the coupons at? and that will help you to find coupons. 

4. Gather your coupons.
Make sure you use the links that on the site to print coupons if there are printable coupons available. You can print the same coupon twice from the same coupon. Once you have printed the coupons you would then need to cut them for your shopping trip.

Always remember that if the item is Buy One Get Free you can use a coupon for each item and that will lower your out of pocket expense. On your list, you would need to put beside each item how many coupons you will need for the items that you are going to be purchasing.

5. Ready to GO Shopping?
Are you excited? This is your first shopping trip to the store. ONLY purchase what is on your list. I repeat ONLY purchase what’s on your list. If you need additional items make a separate trip to the store to purchase those items. 

Now that you have found the items you had on your list before proceeding to the checkout check your coupons for the size and quantities to make sure they are correct.

When you are in the checkout line make sure you tell the cashier that you have coupons and they will then let you know if you would need to hand them over upfront or after they have rung up the items. 

Always pay attention that all your coupons have been scanned and now were skipped or forgotten. Once you see your receipt the nervousness and worrying will be over!

And that’s it you might not feel like it is much that you have done on your first trip because it wasn’t a lot of items but you have to start small in order to get the hang of couponing. Now if you feel confident after this trip to try it again repeat the steps and go to another store of the same store with different items on your list but make sure you only do a few items at a time. 

Thanks for following Couponing1on1.
Comment below on how your first shopping trip was and show your receipt with your items so we can see your work. 


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Coupon Database

What is a coupon database? A coupon database is a database that you can search to see what coupons are available. The coupon database is updated daily to keep you up-to-date on the latest online coupons as well as coupons that have come out in the newspaper. If you want to find a coupon for a specific brand, such as Hershey’s or L’Oréal, type the brand name in the search brand all of the current printable coupons and newspaper coupons will be listed in the coupon database.

The database is also a great way to find online coupons for general products that you may need to purchase such as paper towels and toilet paper. Search for these items the same way you would for the brand name products to find all of the current coupons and printable coupons. When the printable coupons show up in the database, click on the link for the one you want, and you will be brought to a site to print the coupon. With the searchable, coupon database you will never overpay for any product because you will always be up-to-date with the latest coupons!


If you are looking for a specific coupon the place to go is to CouponTom is the database that I use and it has never failed me. CouponTom is very informative sometimes I find myself finding coupons that I did not even know existed until I go on the site. Along with searching what coupons about expiring soon.  You can also browse the different store advertisements for the week.  There is even a section that you can go on and look at the inserts schedule to see what inserts will be coming out the current week and upcoming weeks.
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Coupon Lingo

Let’s talk coupon lingo. What is coupon lingo? Coupon lingo is coupon abbreviations, acronyms and terms couponers use to describe shopping scenarios on blogs and in the forums or even provide you with a deal speaking with coupon lingo. Why do I need to know the coupon lingo? As you continue to follow my blog you will see coupon lingo that you will need to know and become familiar with in order to understand the information. I will be posting deals weekly at different stores to keep you engaged and to help you to continue to learn how to coupon.

I’m about to help you talk the coupon talk below you will find the abbreviations that you will run across on my blog and that you will also hear people use when they are out couponing in the store.

Let’s Get Started:
1.  $1.oo/1,  $.75/1, etc.- One dollar off one product, Seventy-Five cent off of one product, etc.
2.  $1.00/2, $.75/2, etc.- One dollar off two products, Seventy-Five cent off two products, etc. Which means you have to buy two of the products in order to use the coupon to redeem the savings. There would be no way that you can use it on one product and get the savings for half.
3.  BOGO- Buy One, Get One. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Buy one, Get One. BOGO is buy one item get one for free or either buy one item get one item half off. Buy one get one half off is where the two products ring up for half price. IMG_0838
3.  B1G1, B2G2- Then there is the written out method of showing B1G1 with the number. The B still stands for Buy and the G still stands for getting. The number is telling you how many products you have to buy in order for the purchase to qualify for the B1G1=Buy One, Get One or the B2G2=Buy Two, Get Two.
4. Coupon inserts are the inserts that are found in your Sunday Newspaper
5.  RP-Red PlumIMG_07296.  SS-SmartSourceIMG_07297. PG-Proctor and Gambleimg_05821.png
8.  DC- Double Coupons which is to be the store doubles the coupon value. You can use one coupon per item and once it rings up it will automatically double the coupon for you.  Only stores that double coupons are Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter.
9.  EA-Each
10.  EB- Extra Bucks is a rewards program that CVS offers. They are printed out based off of what you have purchased from the weekly deals that are advertised. You have to make a qualifying purchase in order to receive the Extra Bucks.

11.  ETS- Excludes Trial Sizes
12.  EXP- Expires or Expiration Date
13.  GC- Gift Card
14.  GDA- Good Deal Alert
15.  ISO- In Search Of
16.  MIR- Mail in Rebate which means you must submit the rebate by mail. Usually, you are required to show proof of receipt and proof of purchase such as the UPC barcodes and send it in to get the rebate.
17.  MFR- Manufacturer
18.  OCPP- One Coupon Per Purchase is that you can only use the coupon for the qualifying purchase.
19.  OCPT- One Coupon Per Transaction is that you can only use one coupon per transaction. You have the option to do a separate transaction if there is a limit.
20.  OOP- Out Of Pocket
21.  Q- Coupon
22.  RC- Raincheck is a written slip that you can request if you go to the store and they have sold out of an item that you are wanting. Make sure you look at the raincheck to see what they have put on them sometimes that is filled out in full and other times they are not filled out in full. You may get on that has a quantity limit and no expiration date or no quantity limit and an expiration date.
23.  RR- Register Rewards is offered at Walgreens as a part of there rewards program.img_0688.jpg
24.  SC- Stacking coupons is when you two different promotions together. You are allowed to use the store coupon with the manufacturer coupon.
25.  SP- Stockpile is when you have purchased several items and you are building a stockpile of the items. You buy multiple items when they are on sale to stock your stockpile. img_0714.jpg     img_0713.jpg 26.  TP- Tear Pad is manufacturer coupons that are located new the product in the aisles and anyone can have them.
27.  WAGS- Walgreens Drugstore
28.  WYB- When You Buy an item that is on sale or coupons require a purchase of multiple items in a purchase.
The following were previously discussed in the post “Where do I find the coupons at?” Feel free to go back and review that post.
1.  CAT-Catalina
2.  ECS-eCoupons
3.  PE-Peelie

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Remember to share and like. 


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10 Couponing Mistakes that I made Starting off

Mastering the art of using coupons means understanding how they work, where they’re accepted and how to multiply the value of them. Couponing can save you money and it can cost you money if you are not using the coupons correctly. If you aren’t careful you can spend more money than anticipated. I’m going to cover the mistakes that I made starting off with couponing.

1.  Are you familiar with the store policy? Not being familiar with the store policy is a very common mistake that is made when couponing. Before you go out you need to make sure that you know the store coupon policy. Harris Teeter and Lowes Food offer double coupons which can lead you to more savings.

2.  Underestimating the values of being organized. Organization is key to couponing when you are trying to save money. If you are clipping a lot of coupons and can’t find them what’s the point of clipping them. Make sure you keep your coupons in an accessible binder, envelope or accordion file, etc.

3.  Shopping without a list is never good. Having a list is essential to your shopping trip you would need to make sure you are planning the trip and have the coupons readily available for you. When I shop with no list I spend way more than when I plan the trip. Also, if I go to the store with no list I just pick up any items and put them in the cart. I always shop with a list and don’t purchase anything unless I have a coupon for it. Find a way to store your list so that you have it available when shopping you may want to email it yourself and view it on your smartphone.

4.  Failing to compare prices between the different stores. You will need to make sure that you are aware of what the other stores are charging for the different items that are on your shopping list. Always browse the ads weekly to see what store has the best deal for you.

5.  Failing to make sure that all your coupons have scanned. Always check your receipt before leaving the store. When I write my list out I always write at the both of my lists how many coupons of each type I will be using so that I can compare it to my receipt. Sometimes the cashier may overlook a coupon or fail to scan a coupon, so you must make sure that you are aware of how many coupons that should have been scanned and the value of them. IMG_0746

6.  Not using a coupon when the item is on sale. It’s often that people do not maximize their savings when they see a sale price. In my option, a sale item with a coupon is the best way to go it will guarantee you a better deal.

7.  Not using the store loyalty card. Most all stores have some type of loyalty card that you can use. The loyalty card can be combined with your store and manufactured coupons. For example, CVS offers coupons through the ExtraCare rewards program that can be paired up with store coupons and manufacturer coupons which will create triple the savings.

8.  Overlooking the expiration date. All coupons come with expiration dates you need to make sure that you always check the expiration date before going to the store. Weekly store ads, coupon websites and magazine coupons you may have the same coupon in value but different expiration dates on it.

9.  Forgetting to stack coupons. Target, Walgreens, and CVS allow you to stack coupons which means you can use one manufacturer’s coupon and the store coupon together.

10.  Not understanding couponing lingo. Knowing the lingo will help you to know what others are talking about in couponing groups, classes, and blogs. For instance, you will see lingo such as B1G1 is Buy one, get one Free or EB is Extrabucks which is only used when referring to CVS.

These were the mistakes that I made while being couponing that no one told me about. Use my mistakes to make sure you are well prepared as you begin this couponing journey.

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