Hello Everyone!

I’m Larrisha and I love to coupon. I have a passion for saving money.  I began couponing twelve years ago when I gave birth to my daughter. I only couponed for baby items, then I gradually started to add in other items that were essential. After realizing that I was saving big on items I then began couponing for all deals that were available. I then started to only purchase items that I had a coupon for and that were on sale. If the item was free or cheap even if I never tried it I would purchase it. I try out a lot of different products that I would have never purchased if it wasn’t for couponing. I would not consider myself to be a extreme couponer!   I do it because I love to save money, I help my family out and others who want to learn to coupon. I also give away a lot of items.  I currently work a full time job in Collections and couponing is my second full time job. I also go to school full time working on a Bachelors degree in Accounting.  I’m the mother of one daughter and a dog Buster. Other than couponing, I enjoy going to the gym, traveling and spending time with my family.

Thanks for Reading,