How To Save Money On Back To School Clothes?

Spending money on Back to School items can be expensive when you have to buy supplies, book bags, clothes, and shoes. But why overpay for clothes and shoes when there are ways to help you save and spend less out of pocket.

With school starting back shortly your pockets will be drained if you don’t carefully shop for your child and or children.

In previous years people have mastered how to shop for supplies to get the best deals. You can now learn to do the same with clothes as well.

Tips to Save on Clothes:


1. Check the closet and dressers of your child before making any sudden moves. Always have the child to try on the clothes that they already have before making a purchase. I had my daughter to clean out the closet, and I was surprised at the items that she pulled out still with price tags on them. She had shorts that still had the tags on them that I purchased just as it started to get hot outside. So I don’t have to buy her any shorts at this time she can wear what she has already. Now her shirts are an entirely different story they are going to have to be replaced. Her shoes as well are all worn out as if she had them for years. Checking the closet and dressers has saved me time and money in the store.

2. Do you reside in a state that offers the sales tax holiday? Here in North Carolina, they don’t provide a sales tax holiday. But several states to participate in the sales tax holiday. Check the website to see if your state is a participates and to see what dates it is.


3. Shopping from home, you reap several benefits by locating online couponing codes that will help you save money. Most sites offer free shipping on a purchase of a certain amount. The benefits of shopping at home are that you will avoid those crowds. It is much quicker to shop online, and it helps you to avoid buying unnecessary items.


4. Use your cell phone to shop there are great apps such as RetailMeNot that will provide you with coupons and discount codes to use in store and online. You can pull your phone out in store and have the cashier scan your phone so that you will save money without having to take around paper coupons. Searching items on Ebates and it will tell you where to find the things at with the lowest price.


5. Always shop clearance racks first. If you go to the clearance racks, you will find the off-season items along with the new markdowns for the current season. If you find coats or jeans, you should buy them a size or two more significant, than your child’s current size can hold onto them for the winter. They can also be saved for the next winter if they are just entirely too big.

6. Make a budget that you will stay on track. Don’t overspend on items make sure you are comparing the prices before making purchases. My daughter wants some $190 Nike sneakers which she will not be getting. I have found some shoe sites that are offering Buy one, Get one on shoes. I gave my daughter the places to look at so she can choose what shoes she wanted.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you were able to take away some Tips on Shopping for Back to School Clothes. 



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Back 2 Cool


Its August already it’s about time for the kids to go back to school. Have you started shopping for school supplies? Do you procrastinate and wait until the last minute? Are you already stocked up with the supplies and don’t have to go shopping? Well if your anything like me you have to go shopping. I have the bare minimum of supplies that my daughter will need for school.

Keep The Following Things In Mind

1. Have you looked at the supply list for your child? If you haven’t made sure, you look at the required list of items before going shopping. I know that most stores have a supply list there for you to pick up things off the list. Keep walking past that list and make sure you look on the school website and get the list from there to eliminate spending so much on unnecessary items.


2. Make sure you look at what you already have handy and mark it off the list before going to the store. If you check off the items that you already have it will help you spend less out of pocket. You won’t be stuck with unnecessary things.

3. Plan your shopping trip write out a list and compare the prices at the different store. You can always use the Flipp app and type in the item, and it will show you where the object is on sale at and what the price of it is.


Once you have looked at the supply list when through the supplies you already have and have written out your list, you are ready to go shopping.

Helpful Tip Before Going Shopping

1. Only purchase items on sales. If the object isn’t marked with a sale price, don’t purchase it.

2. Look for the lowest price at the store in your area by going to the Flipp app and typing in the name of the item and seeing what store it is on sale.

3. Name brand is not that critical look at cheaper items versus the name brand item. They all do the same thing but cost less.


4. The dollar stores such as Family Dollar and Dollar General have smart coupons that you can use to lower your out of pocket on supplies. Check the app to see if there are other coupons you can use such as for tissues, Clorox or Lysol wipes, Hand Sanitizer or Zip-lock bags. Check the Dollar Tree for school supplies. The Dollar Tree has plenty of school supplies there that you can purchase. If need be, you can buy them in bulk if you need too.

5. Shop online with discount codes that can lower your out of pocket cost. Also you cash back apps such as Ebates or Ibotta when placing orders. Look for stores that offer free shipping on purchases.

6. If you plan on waiting until the last minute that is definitely a good idea. Last minute shoppers reap better benefits because the store will make the items down so low to get rid of them. When the Back to School items first started being advertised, they were higher, and they are gradually going down each week.

Let’s start saving!

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