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Ibotta, Do you Use Ibotta?


Do you use Ibotta? If you answered yes then you are saving money left and right. If No, then you missing out on extra change. So Ibotta is a FREE grocery rebate app that helps cut the cost of your groceries. When you purchase certain items, you’ll earn cash back that you can later cash out. You will have the option to receive cash back on PayPal, Venmo or receive a gift card of your choice.

Steps on How To Use Ibotta:

1. Download Ibotta app if you haven’t done so already. Create an account on the app which is available on Android and iPhone. Those devices are not required but you need a device that you will be able to download the app and then use the camera feature to take pictures of receipt and scan items.

2. Find the store from the list of stores and you will search the list of items that are available. Once have found the rebate that you will be redeemed you will click on the item and it will pop open. Once it opens you will see the details of the rebate such as the required size, number of items to buy, the expiration date, and what store its available at. You will also find the Check Product Barcode to verify if you have the right item or not.

3. Rebates will require you to click the plus sign to add them. You may be required to answer a question, watch a short video, read a recipe or just simply click the plus sign. Be sure to complete each action in order to redeem the rebate.


4. After you have been shopping, take the time to cash in on the rebates that are being offered. Grab your items that have an Ibotta rebate open up the app go to the store you shopped at and then click on the verify purchase button. You will first scan receipt. Then you will select the items and the number of items if it allows you to collect the rebate off more than one of the same item. Then you will scan the barcode for the items that you have purchased.

Sounds easy right. That’s because it is easy.

Ibotta will then verify that the purchase you made was correct and after it has been verified the rebate amount will be added to your Ibotta account.

The cash out process would be your choice of cash or gift cards. You have to have $20 before you are able to cash out. The money is available immediately after you have requested it, there is no wait to get the money.

You can also earn rebates online with stores. You would have to make the purchase through the app to qualify for the rebate. Once you have made the qualifying purchase you will immediately see the credit as pending. One it has been confirmed you will receive the credit. Keep in mind when doing school shopping and shopping during the holiday to utilize the app for some extra savings.

Sign up for Ibotta through this link. Don’t wait to start saving money today.

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43 thoughts on “Ibotta, Do you Use Ibotta?”

    1. Ibotta is the easiest way to coupon without actually having to sit and cut coupons and match them up while in the store. You can also use it with online purchased to get cash back. Thanks for reading my post.


    1. I highly recommend you look into if you are wanting to save money. Ibotta is a good way to save. It may not seem like much at first but the numbers add up quickly. Thanks for reading my post.


    1. Ibotta is a good way to save. You just check the app and you will see cashback from all the stores you shop at. It may not seem like much at first but the numbers add up quickly. Thanks for reading my post.


  1. Wow, this app looks amazing. I bet this payback is their way of compensation for the mini survey they conduct. But, still, it’s a pretty good way to earn somehow.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I need to get a lot smarter when it comes to buying groceries. It seems so straightforward and easy! I’m not great with coupons and sometimes forget that I have them, so this is way more convenient!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ibotta is a good way to save. It may not seem like much at first but the numbers add up quickly and if you are not good with the coupons then this is definitely the way to go. Thanks for reading my post.


    1. Well if you spend a lot on groceries take advantage of the Ibotta and save some money. There are all kinds of products that they offer you cash back on. You can also use for clothing store as well. Its very beneficial in my option. Thanks for reading my post.


    1. Ibotta is simply Amazing. Yes you can use it in UK its based off the Retails so if there are retails like Wal Mart, Target, Kmart and etc you would be able to use it. But you can also use it when order on like from Amazon, Groupon, Etc. I highly recommend it.


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