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Have you heard of Ebates? Are you wondering what Ebates is? Ebates is a company that you get cash back for purchasing products through an affiliate link. I find that Ebates is very beneficial to use when you are trying to save money.

What is Ebates? If you use the website and or app, it will give you cash back on select items, or even selected stores through the affiliate link. You will find several different stores that you just adore that work with Ebates. Ebates profit off of the affiliate marketing which is where they will get some of the profit because they are the ones that linked you there site to shop. Ebates is a FREE legit site to use. Once you have a purchase on the website, you will receive a certain percentage in cash back from your purchase.

How does Ebates work? I’m glad you asked it goes like this once you’re ready to make a purchase login to or go to the app. Once you have logged in, go to the store of your choice through the affiliate link and then click the Shop Now Button to begin. Yes, it is just as simple as it sounds.

Browser Extension- You can also download the browser extension on all major browsers on your computer. You can download it just as you are signing up on the site. With the browser extension, you will be able to activate your cash back offers only by clicking activating cash now. Once clicking the browser it will show you how much cash back you get if you buy anything at that particular time.

Is Ebates Legit? Of course, Ebates is legit you will find yourself saving money in no time if you use Ebates. You will save a few dollars and some change. You have the option to receive a check in the mail or to use PayPal. The payout is quarterly from your actual earnings.

The Finale- Ebates is a great way to money while shopping.

Sign up through the link and receive $10 cashback.

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26 thoughts on “Ebates”

  1. I’ve heard of ebates for the longest and always thought it had something to do with e-commerce like eBay! 😂 Thanks for the post. Now I know how I can save some extra change. I know it’ll add up quickly

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    1. Ebates give you $10 cash back for signing up. There are several different stores that they have listed on Ebates. You can also search by the product and it will show you what store has it the cheapest. Ebates is a really cool way of saving extra change. Thanks for reading my post.


  2. Ebates is one of my favorites. I use the browser extension and love it. I have gotten quite a bit of cash back from purchases for my home, and also found sales I didn’t know about. So not only do you get cash back from it, you can actually save money up front too. I also use one that’s not necessarily the same but it helps you find coupon codes, called “Honey” – you probably already know about it given the nature of your blog, but it’s another fave for finding good deals.

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    1. Ebates is a lifesaver when it comes to saving money. I have never heard of Honey but I’m definitely about to look into it. I use Retail Me Not that also gives you coupon codes for several different stores. Thanks for reading and providing another saving place to check out.


    1. It is definitely a great site to use if you want to save money. You should check it out you want be disappointed. Ebates give you $10 cash back for signing up. Thanks for reading my post.


  3. I signed up for ebates, but I rarely make use of it, missing out on so much. I would love to know how they are able to make the offers that they do, we at one point wanted to setup a website with a similar idea.

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    1. Yes you are missing out if you are not using it. It is a great way to save money. That would be a great idea to have a site like Ebates and to even offer more. You should really looking to that idea. Anything with saving money I’m all for it. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


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