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Coupon Overage

What is a filler item?


A filler item is an item that is added to a transaction to make the deal workout at the register. Find the cheapest item that you can possibly find as a filler. A filler is used to make sure that the coupon value doesn’t exceed the full value of the items purchased.

When do you use a filler?


Most stores don’t give back overage, so you will have to use a filler in its place. Today I made a purchase of Tide Laundry detergent. I purchased 6 of them for $2.48 each, total $14.88. I had a manufacturer coupon for $3 off 1 Tide Laundry Detergent. I used 6 $3 off 1 Tide Laundry Detergent coupons, total $18. So, in this case the coupon total is more that the actual cost of the items being purchased it leaves me with $3.12 worth of overage. Now this when the filler comes into place. I can either get 1 item for close to the $3.12 price or I can purchase several small items to make it up to that price. Then there is also the option that the store can wash away the negative balance and you just pay the taxes on the purchase.

Coupon Overage

Coupon overage can happen from time to time on your purchase. Which means that you have redeemed coupons that are more than the cost of the items that you have purchased. Couponing overage comes from very carefully matching up coupons it is something that don’t happen often, but it does happen from time to time.


You will have a better chance at having coupon overage if you shop at a store that will allow you use a manufacturer’s coupon along with a store coupon for one that will reduce the cost of the and could possibly lead to overage on the purchase. Another way to achieve coupon overage is when you use a coupon that is of high value on a product that is on clearance or at his final markdown price.


Often times there are coupons that are higher value that the price of an item which can cause overage for you.

Also combing coupons on sale products and redeeming a Catalina for additional money off the total purchase can create overage.

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