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Let’s Learn To Coupon At CVS


1. Sign up for a CVS Extra Care Card

The CVS Extra care card is necessary to receive sale prices and to participate in the CVS extra care buck program. You can go directly to the website to request a card and they will send it out the mail to you. You can also pick up a form and a card at any CVS store and start saving immediately.

Once you receive your card make sure you register the card online with your email address. Make sure you check your email because they send out coupons to your email.


2. Extra Care Bucks/Extra Bucks

Extra bucks are coupons received at the end of the receipt and are like extra “bucks” when shopping at CVS. The same card has to be used in order to redeem the extra bucks.

Extra bucks can be used on the just about anything in the store except for the following stamps, alcohol, prescriptions, tax, and tobacco. You can still use the extra bucks on deals that you will receive extra bucks for but make sure you are checking the limits on the deals to receive the extra bucks.


Extra bucks are earned in three different ways and usually expire within 30 days.

  • Quarterly extra bucks are issued four times a year and are calculated on the shopper’s spending at CVS.
  • Prescription refills once you have filled ten prescription’s and or gotten vaccination at CVS. You will earn $5 Extra Bucks.
  • Also while signing up for a CVS card make sure you also sign up for the Beauty club. Spend $30 on Beauty products and you will receive a $3 Extra Bucks reward. 
  • Weekly deals with extra bucks are issued immediately on the both of your receipts when a shopper buys an advertised “extra buck” item. There are limits, usually one or two, for weekly extra buck deals

3. Manufacturer coupons and CVS coupons can be combined.

CVS accepts all manufacturer coupons which includes the internet printable. CVS also has there own coupons that can be used as well.

CVS has there own coupons that are either emailed to you, sent out in the mail to you, then check the both of your receipts for coupons and they are also issued at the Kiosk in store.

CVS allows there store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per product. Extra bucks are not considered to be a coupon and they don’t count them as one they can be used with the store and manufacturer’s coupons.


4. Do small transaction in order to spend less out of pocket

If you know couponing you will pay for your items out of pockets at first. Then with items that are purchased, you will receive extra bucks at the both of your receipts. After receiving the extra bucks you can then roll them over into another transaction. Rolling your extra bucks over to another transaction will make you spend less out of pocket. You can also save your extra bucks for the next weeks deals which will lower yours out of pocket expenses.

The more you shop at CVS you will start to earn more extra bucks they will begin to build up slowly over time. Always check the expiration date to make sure you don’t miss out on using them.IMG_10805. Rain Checks

CVS offers rainchecks if the item is out of stock. CVS issues rainchecks on the sale items and the extra buck amounts too. The rain checks never expire. People often save the rainchecks for when they have a coupon that will make the deal even better with little out of pocket money spent.

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35 thoughts on “Let’s Learn To Coupon At CVS”

    1. Thanks for reading. Even if you forget your coupons there are digital coupons that you can use as a back up. Couponing has become so popular that you have to get a Rain check cause the items are never in store when the sale is on.


  1. I love shopping at CVS to get my extrabucks, just need to start remembering when they expire 😦 Was not aware to get rainchecks on sale items, will need to remember that also!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love CVS too. Extrabucks expire quickly but in order me to not let them expire I always shop CVS first to get rid of the Extrabucks. Those Rainchecks will definitely come in handy so you will have to remember to get those when an item is out of stock in the store. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Thanks for your post. I shop at CVS all the time and love that now they send the coupons to your phone / app so you don’t have to worry about them. I always earn extra bucks and then always forget them since I can never remember where the paper is. Digital is the way to go for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Digital coupons are the best way. If you forget the Extrabucks just break your transactions up when you are in the store to pay for your items with the Extrabucks then. I always do my first transaction with the items that will give me the Extrabucks. Then I do a second transaction and use the Extrabucks from the first transaction. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


    1. Coupons are everything these days with the steady rising prices of everything. Yes I try to spend as little out of pocket as possible when I go shopping. Where are you located? CVS is my favorite but I go to other drug stores as well. Thanks for reading my post.


    1. Once you do it consistently and see your savings you wont forget about it any more. I save a lot of money but I also get to try out different products that I wouldn’t normally purchase because they are so low in cost with the coupons. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  3. These are great tips to use the CVS bucks to your best available options to save the most money on your purchases. I was crazy into couponing for several years. I shopped with a giant, organized binder and traded coupons with a great bunch of ladies. I sometimes miss it.


    1. I have a binder and I trade coupons often. But I also give away coupons that I know I want use. Couponing is something I definitely enjoy doing. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


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