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Coupon Lingo

Let’s talk coupon lingo. What is coupon lingo? Coupon lingo is coupon abbreviations, acronyms and terms couponers use to describe shopping scenarios on blogs and in the forums or even provide you with a deal speaking with coupon lingo. Why do I need to know the coupon lingo? As you continue to follow my blog you will see coupon lingo that you will need to know and become familiar with in order to understand the information. I will be posting deals weekly at different stores to keep you engaged and to help you to continue to learn how to coupon.

I’m about to help you talk the coupon talk below you will find the abbreviations that you will run across on my blog and that you will also hear people use when they are out couponing in the store.

Let’s Get Started:
1.  $1.oo/1,  $.75/1, etc.- One dollar off one product, Seventy-Five cent off of one product, etc.
2.  $1.00/2, $.75/2, etc.- One dollar off two products, Seventy-Five cent off two products, etc. Which means you have to buy two of the products in order to use the coupon to redeem the savings. There would be no way that you can use it on one product and get the savings for half.
3.  BOGO- Buy One, Get One. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Buy one, Get One. BOGO is buy one item get one for free or either buy one item get one item half off. Buy one get one half off is where the two products ring up for half price. IMG_0838
3.  B1G1, B2G2- Then there is the written out method of showing B1G1 with the number. The B still stands for Buy and the G still stands for getting. The number is telling you how many products you have to buy in order for the purchase to qualify for the B1G1=Buy One, Get One or the B2G2=Buy Two, Get Two.
4. Coupon inserts are the inserts that are found in your Sunday Newspaper
5.  RP-Red PlumIMG_07296.  SS-SmartSourceIMG_07297. PG-Proctor and Gambleimg_05821.png
8.  DC- Double Coupons which is to be the store doubles the coupon value. You can use one coupon per item and once it rings up it will automatically double the coupon for you.  Only stores that double coupons are Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter.
9.  EA-Each
10.  EB- Extra Bucks is a rewards program that CVS offers. They are printed out based off of what you have purchased from the weekly deals that are advertised. You have to make a qualifying purchase in order to receive the Extra Bucks.

11.  ETS- Excludes Trial Sizes
12.  EXP- Expires or Expiration Date
13.  GC- Gift Card
14.  GDA- Good Deal Alert
15.  ISO- In Search Of
16.  MIR- Mail in Rebate which means you must submit the rebate by mail. Usually, you are required to show proof of receipt and proof of purchase such as the UPC barcodes and send it in to get the rebate.
17.  MFR- Manufacturer
18.  OCPP- One Coupon Per Purchase is that you can only use the coupon for the qualifying purchase.
19.  OCPT- One Coupon Per Transaction is that you can only use one coupon per transaction. You have the option to do a separate transaction if there is a limit.
20.  OOP- Out Of Pocket
21.  Q- Coupon
22.  RC- Raincheck is a written slip that you can request if you go to the store and they have sold out of an item that you are wanting. Make sure you look at the raincheck to see what they have put on them sometimes that is filled out in full and other times they are not filled out in full. You may get on that has a quantity limit and no expiration date or no quantity limit and an expiration date.
23.  RR- Register Rewards is offered at Walgreens as a part of there rewards program.img_0688.jpg
24.  SC- Stacking coupons is when you two different promotions together. You are allowed to use the store coupon with the manufacturer coupon.
25.  SP- Stockpile is when you have purchased several items and you are building a stockpile of the items. You buy multiple items when they are on sale to stock your stockpile. img_0714.jpg     img_0713.jpg 26.  TP- Tear Pad is manufacturer coupons that are located new the product in the aisles and anyone can have them.
27.  WAGS- Walgreens Drugstore
28.  WYB- When You Buy an item that is on sale or coupons require a purchase of multiple items in a purchase.
The following were previously discussed in the post “Where do I find the coupons at?” Feel free to go back and review that post.
1.  CAT-Catalina
2.  ECS-eCoupons
3.  PE-Peelie

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