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Learn The Stores Coupon Policy

It is very important for you to know the coupon policy at your local stores so that you can save money! Knowing the coupon policies for each store will be very beneficial to you so that you are able to maximize your savings. Making sure you are familiar with each store coupon policy will save you trouble, in the long run, you want be confused or embarrassed when you checkout. Every store has a different coupon policy so you would need to remember some keep things such as:

  • How many coupons does the store accept?
  • How many like coupons will the store accept?
  • Does the store double coupons? If so up to what value?
  • Do the store accept competitor coupons?

Most stores have their coupon policy online for you to view and print off if you need to. The coupon policy is generally found in the customer service section on the store’s website. There is also an alternative method to receive the coupon policy you can request it by emailing the customer service department and they can either mail it to you or email it to you.


After locating the coupon policy you should look for the following things and become familiar with them.

  • Look for what kind of coupons the store accepts? Printable coupons, digital coupons, Upromise, SavingStar or competitors coupons, etc.
  • Do the store accept printable coupons for a free product? If there is a sale on for a Buy one get one free can you use a coupon per item or can you only use the coupon for the item you are paying for?
  • Are there maximum values of the coupon that the store will accept? Some stores have the policy to were they will only accept coupons with a value of $5 or less.
  • Does the store double or triple coupons? If so is it daily or certain days? If yes what are the maximum values that they double or triple?
  • Do the store allow overage on coupons or not?
  • Do the store do price match if you bring in an advertisement?

Make sure you go to the websites of the stores in your area that you could possibly coupon at and look at the coupon policy.  I recommend that you print out the coupon policy for all of the stores that you will be shopping at and keeping them with you when you are shopping. it is very often times that store employees are not notified when a policy change is made, and having the policy in your hand can often be useful. This information is very important for you to be successful at couponing and saving money. Knowing the coupon policy at your local stores will help you to maximize your savings!

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