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How to organize your coupons?

Once you have accrued a stockpile of coupons you have to get them organized in a way that is easy for you. I have tried several different ways to organize my coupons until I found what works best for me. Keep in mind when organizing coupons, you have to make it easily accessible, simple to view and portable. When organizing coupons, you are trying to save time and money, so you would need to make sure you are efficiently organizing them.

Organizing your coupons


1.       Use something that you have around the house that will cost you nothing. Keep it simple such as a zip lock back and paper clip your coupons together. If the zip lock isn’t your style, then you can use a shoebox and place them in there.

2.       I used an old photo album to begin with and found it easy to manage but once I started getting more and more coupons it became hard to manage and time consuming for me to sort them and put them in the photo album.

3.       A large accordion file is another way that you can store your coupons. The accordion does come with sections and labels that can be placed on the tabs the way you prefer to sort them.

4.       Then there is the binder which is what I currently use for my coupons. I used a binder that I had around the house and then had to invest in a 3’ binder to ensure I had enough space. When making a purchase of the binder I found it more convenient to get the binder with the zipper and a strap it is much easier to tote around. I don’t lose coupons if I pick it up the wrong way or if I even drop it everything is still in place. In my binder I use the printable pages in the sleeves and trading card pages which I purchased from you will find the links under online deals. You can use the dividers and label it yourself if you don’t want to use the printable pages.

Sorting your coupons


1.       Sort them by category you can have any categories that you choose.  You can sort by aisle, product type, or how often you buy the products. I use the system by the type of product and sort my coupons and file them that way.  Example baby, beverages, cleaning products and etc.

2.       Sort them by store I wouldn’t recommend this method because you don’t usually get many store coupons that will require you to make there on section. I get store coupons and use them immediately because they are based off the purchases that I made.

3.        Alphabetically order you can sort them by the brand name or by the product name.

4.       Expiration date this is a good way to sort coupons if you want to use all the coupons before they have expired.

5.       Lastly you can either chose to clip the coupons or not to clip the coupons. There are pros and cons to this method. A pro would be that you want be clipping coupons that you aren’t going to use. But now the cons is that this very time consuming.  You can over look coupons and miss out on deals. You will spend more time cutting and going through coupons that you would shopping. You will be carrying around a lot of coupon inserts if you don’t cut and sort before the shopping trip.  Expirations  tend to vary so you will be holding some inserts for months at a time.

Maintain your system


1.       Make sure you are cleaning out the expired coupon so that your binder want be overflowing with expired coupons. You can send the expired coupons to the troops they can use the coupons up to six months after they have expired.

2.       Grocery store prices would need to be written down with the products that you use most often. You can compare the regular price to the sale price to see if they are even offering good deals or not on the items.

3.       Put all store coupons in the same section so that they are together and are not mixed in with your manufacturer coupons.

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