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Well, I have started to print and clip coupons how do I read them?

What am I looking at? How do I read a coupon? You have printed and clipped coupons now you need to know how to read the coupons. It is very important that you know what you are reading on the coupon to ensure that you are using the coupons correctly.


Above is a picture numbered and below I have an explained each section of the coupon.

1. Shows if the coupon is a Manufacturer or a Store coupon. Manufacturer coupons are coupons that can be redeemed anywhere that coupons are accepted at. Store coupons are to only be used at the store that is listed on the coupon.

2. Expiration date shows that date that the coupon is valid through. You can use the coupon until midnight of the date of expiration. Normally the expiration date is shown at the top of the coupon.

3. The amount that you will save when you redeem the coupon.

4. Product description and quantity requirements for you to use the coupon.

5. In this section, you will find the redemption address and coupon limitations here. The redemption address is listed on manufacturer coupons only it is not listed on store coupons because they don’t have to send the coupons anywhere for reimbursement. You will also find the limitations here in this section one per purchase, one per transaction, one per customer or one per visit. One per purchase is the coupon limits you to one coupon per item you can buy three products, but you will need three coupons for the product to get the savings off each product. Then there is one per transaction is where the coupon may limit the number of coupons you can use in a transaction. Coupons have a limit of four coupons in a transaction you can buy five products but only use four coupons on the products. One per customer is where you can only use one coupon. If you have more than one coupon you will have to do multiple transactions to use the coupon. In some cases, depending on the store and the cashier you may have to leave the store and come back to make the purchase. One per visit is just the same as one per customer you are being restricted on your purchase to just one coupon per visit to the store.

6. This is the barcode that will be scanned when you make a purchase on a product to receive the discount.

7. The image shows the product or products that may be necessary for you see what product you can purchase with the coupon. Don’t always rely on the picture because the picture could be for the largest item and you could still use the coupon for the smaller item use the wording to determine what product to buy.

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