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Where do I find the coupons at?


1. Newspapers: Every Sunday there are coupons that come out in the paper. You can pick up a Sunday newspaper from the Dollar Tree for just a dollar. Make sure if you go there you go early because people be lined up out there to get the newspaper and it’s a limit of three in my area.


2. Midweek Values: Are coupons that come in the mail weekly and have the coupons that will appear in the next Sundays paper.


3. Store Flyers: The store flyers are usually sitting right by the down when you come inside the store. Make sure you are looking out for the flyers coupons are in there as well and the expiration could be longer than just that week’s sale.


4. Printable Coupons: These are the website that you go on and the print your coupons off. These are the ones that I currently use there are several others that are available.


5. eCoupons: Are coupons that you can load directly onto your store card. These are sites that you may already be using but are not familiar with all the services that are offered. (Digital brandSaver Coupons)

6. Organic Coupons: Organic coupons are either mailed or can be loaded to your store card. Earthbound Farm, Seventh Generation, Morning Star Farms Newman’s Own Organic, Back to Nature Food and etc

7. All You Magazine: $150+ worth of coupons come out in this magazine each month. They are sold at Walmart or you can get a subscription to the magazine.


8. Blinkies: Are in the grocery stores and they are in the aisle with the red blinking light that hands out the coupons.IMG_0758

9. Catalina Coupons: Are those extra strips of paper that you get with your receipt when making a purchase those are Catalina coupons and can be very valuable.


10. Peelies: Everyone has seen a peelie they are the sticking to a product that you may purchase.


11. Store websites: Always check the store websites and see if they are offering anything on their site that you may be able to download or print off for in-store use.

12. Store App: Can download the app or either login from your computer and add the digital coupons to your account.

13. Companies will send you coupons if email them or write them a letter expressing interest in trying their products.

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