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How much time will it take to coupon? Where do I find the time?



It has been my personal experience that I set aside a time frame to coupon. When choosing a time frame to coupon make sure it is when you are able to concentrate, focus and make sure there are no distractions. It won’t take you long when you are able to concentration on your couponing. I allow myself 2 hours a week for couponing. I grab the newspaper on Sunday and I go home and clip the coupons.


While clipping coupons, I organize them in my binder as I clip them.  Then I look for the sales for the week and write out my list and separate the coupons, so I can prepare for my shopping trip.  I always plan my trip so that I can go in the store and get the items that are on my list quickly. I do take my binder in the store just in case there is a unannounced sale that is going on and I need to check it out. But for the most part if it’s not on my list I don’t purchase it unless it is a really good deal that I see. I make time to go shopping early morning or late night when there is little to no people in the store. When I shop I find it easy to get in and out the store with no problems at those specific times. I suggest as a beginner to try all different times until you find which time frame works best for you.


Remember when you are allotting time to couponing think of it as the equivalent of how much you are making per hour with what you are saving. So, for example I planned my shopping trip and went shopping for 2 hours today and I saved $85.39 with a total of 99% savings value. So therefore, I look at as a job and I made $42.69 per hour.


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2 thoughts on “How much time will it take to coupon? Where do I find the time?”

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m glad you are finding the information easy to follow. Couponing isn’t complicated it’s just a lot to learn. I will keep it updated so you can be a successful couponer.


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